Tile flooring is the ideal choice for dining room floors. It's stylish, with almost unlimited colors, designs, shapes, and sizes.

It's also durable and easy to keep clean. Here are five hot tile trends for 2023; depending on your home's overall style, you may want one or more for your dining room.

First, let’s take a deep dive into Inkjet Technology

This enables manufacturers to create realistic simulations of genuine materials. Previously, tiles were hand-painted, a lengthy and not accurate process.

Inkjet is like a computer printer; four jets release different colors simultaneously.

Porcelain tile: bigger is better

Nowadays, it's all about the large format, and porcelain tile flooring can be as big as 25 square inches.  

Porcelain is also known for durability and a low water absorption rate, making it ideal for high-traffic areas where spills and drops are common.

Porcelain tile might be your flooring solution for your dining room. However, this room is high-traffic, especially if you entertain frequently or have a dining room with access to the patio and yard.

Available in many colors and designs, it can be made to look like anything. 

The beauty of wood, with the function of tile flooring

Wood-look tile flooring is made from porcelain or ceramic tile. It's amazingly realistic with color variations, raised grains, swirls, knots, and textured looks.

Terrazzo: tile style

This is a combination of marble, quartz, granite, and pebbles. Terrazzo has a soft, specked design and textural pattern, making it understated and stylish.

Encaustic styles

Genuine encaustic tiles are made with six different clay colors. Real encaustics, with their hand-crafted look, are expensive. Inkjet makes realistic looks possible.

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