You’re looking for an affordable, attractive alternative to wood, stone, and tile. But, of course, you want easy installation, too.

Luxury vinyl flooring
and laminate are the frontrunners, but they're the same, right? Wrong!

How they’re made

On the surface, laminate and luxury vinyl flooring look similar, but they're made differently. That affects how they behave, which, in turn, will affect your decision.

Both have true-to-life images of wood, stone, and tile. Embossing adds textured looks such as wire-brushed, hand-scraped, distressed, and embossed-in-register.

Vinyl, however, is all synthetic. Like laminate, it's layered–but they're all limited to synthetics. That includes the vinyl composite core.

Laminate is made of several layers, laminated together. The core is almost always HDF, high-density fiberboard. 

Waterproof vs. water-resistant

Whether your choice is vinyl plank flooring or the square, tile-sized pieces (LVT flooring), you can be guaranteed a product that can be spilled on or submerged.

The laminate's HDF core is water-resistant; spills must be wiped immediately, or they'll soak through to the core. However, fiberboard, like any wood, can also be damaged by excess water. 

Vinyl is a waterproof material. As a result, it can be installed in some high-moisture areas like the kitchen, bath, or basement, where laminate is often avoided.


While laminate floors are durable, they can also give way to water damage. Moreover, scratches on the laminate can't be repaired.

Your luxury vinyl flooring in Gonzales, TX, will come with a transparent, strong wear layer that protects the floor from scratches, scuffs, and dents. In addition, minor wear can be easily repaired.


Both are easy to keep clean, but luxury vinyl flooring can also be wet-mopped. So, stick with dry tools, such as sweeping and vacuuming with laminate.

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