When it comes to hardwood flooring, it’s easy to make a gorgeous installation even more distinctive. Parquet adds visual interest and texture to a floor. Read on as you consider inlays and borders for your installation. 

Parquet: elaborate and dramatic

Thin wood strips form geometric decorative mosaic patterns. Patterns include triangles, sunbursts, or squares, with herringbone being the most popular.

Parquet reached its peak of popularity in the 1960s. Then it slowed a bit–and is now making a significant resurgence, especially with the herringbone pattern.

It began in the 17th century when French artisans glued small geometric pieces to the floor. 

Because it was so time-consuming, a parquet was considered wood flooring only for the wealthy and a work of art.

Parquet can have a border or not. 

The medallion: making your floor look regal

A medallion is like a beautiful jigsaw puzzle. It's a design cut from various wood species to make assorted colors and images.

The design can be anything–family crest, sunburst, corporate logo, complex geometric design, etc. Medallions are usually round but can also be custom-made.

Wood species color and grains are an essential element to the medallion, and you'll find a large assortment here when shopping for wood floors in Gonzales, TX.

Get inspired at our showroom, where you'll see beautiful hardwood flooring like Colonial 5" Charleston by Southern Tradition or Inceptiv Ark Chevron by DuChateau.

Wood species most used include oak, birch, and maple, all of which you'll find in our flooring store.

About borders:

There are the main patterns, some of which have borders. Decorative borders make the planks look like they have a built-in rug!

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