Yes, almost any carpet can be recycled. The rug industry has been committed to sustainability and reducing environmental impact. It encourages recycling for use in other products.

There are also many ways you can recycle your carpet. Please read further to learn more.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle

These 3Rs of recycling and carpet mills have been at the forefront. Carpeting comprises layers of plastic and resin, so it's not degradable in landfills.

It then becomes roof shingles, railroad ties, and other items. Rugs are also one of the lowest emitters of VOCs. Learn more in our carpet store.

What you can do to “recycle” an old carpet

Turn it into an area rug. Also, depending on the rug type, dying it another color may bring it back to life.

What are the benefits of carpet?

  1. Style: You'll see a wide assortment of loops, cut piles and cut and loops in our showroom. 
  2. Colors: Carpet comes in all colors, from trendy jewel tones to rich, earthy neutrals. There's something for every decor and budget from manufacturers like Mohawk, SmartStrand, Dixie Home, etc. 
  3. Fibers: You'll also see many fibers in our showroom. They include nylon, polyester, olefin, and triexta. Visit our store to see our incredible inventory of carpet in Gonzales, TX. 
  4. Noise reduction: Carpeting reduces noise, insulates temperature, and softens falls. 
  5. Cleaner air: Pollutants get trapped in fibers, remaining until the rug is deep cleaned. That takes them out of the breathing zone!

Visit our carpet store for more information

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